The FAQ below addresses some of the most common queries AICON receives about Asia Integrated Conference on Life Sciences. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please contact  organizer@aicon.id

Basic Submission Questions

1. How do I submit a proposal for a conference?

You may submit an abstract for an individual presentation through here. Authors are limited to two submissions per conference.

For submission requirements, examples and additional details about submitting an abstract online, please visit the Call for Abstract page.

2. How many papers can I propose? How many times can I present?

You may submit a maximum of two abstracts to the conference.

3. For academic presentation track, can I present a paper that has already been presented at another conference?

Presenting research that has already been presented elsewhere is not acceptable. It is expected that any paper presented at an AICON Life Sciences is the original work of the presenter and has not been presented or published elsewhere. Presenting material that has been accepted for publication in a journal or other publication, but which has not gone to print before the conference, is permitted, provided it has not already been presented elsewhere. Full details of where the material will be published should be declared. In this case, the presented materials will not be accepted for publication in Asian Integrated Proceeding of Life Sciences.

4. Can I co-present a paper?

No. Only 1 presenter can present in an oral presentation.

5. Are the deadlines firm?

Yes – please pay close attention to the dates and deadlines stated above and elsewhere on the AICON site.

6. How can I check the status of my submission?

Both abstract and paper acceptance will be announced through email on the deadline publish here. The organizer will not answer any individual queries about the status of any individual abstracts.

7. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to attend the conference. Should I submit an abstract anyway?

Please submit an abstract only if you or your co – authors plan to attend the conference.

8. If I can’t attend the conference, can someone else present my paper?

Yes, a listed co-author may present without you. If no authors are able to present the paper, then the abstract will be dropped from the agenda.

Abstract Acceptance

1. How are proposals assessed?

After your abstract is submitted online it will undergo double-blind peer review.

2. What could make my abstract submission be rejected?

There are a number of reasons why a submission may be rejected. Your submission may:

  1. be considered to contain unoriginal work;
  2. not be relevant to the conference in question;
  3. have language and comprehension difficulties;
  4. not be considered to meet the standards required for presentation.

3. Are the abstracts of professors or senior academics given preference over those of graduate students and independent researchers?

No. All proposals are examined on their own merits. AICON welcomes appropriate contributions from a variety of backgrounds and levels of scholarship.

Submission Changes

1. Can I substitute a different paper after my paper has been accepted?

No. Your proposal is assessed and accepted based on its individual merits, and may not be substituted for a different paper following acceptance. If you would like to present another paper, please submit a separate abstract.

2. Can I change the title of my proposal after it is submitted?

Yes – for title changes, please contact the AICON administrative office at organizer@aicon.id . Note that while your title may change, the content of your presentation must remain consistent with your accepted abstract.

3. How are presentations scheduled?

The conference organizers are responsible for scheduling presentations. Time and room assignments are to some extent based on equipment needs, and efforts are made not to have too many presentation on similar topics competing in a single time slot or gather together on a single day.

4. Can I request a day and time for my presentation?

Because of the complexity in organizing the Conference Program together and the large numbers of participants involved, it is not usually possible to accommodate requests for specific presentation days or times.

Registration& Payment

1. Registration Fee

What are the presenter registration rates for AICON? Are there any discounts for registering early?

Please visit the Registration page for full details of presenter rates.

Registration dates reflect Indonesia Standard Time (GMT+7)

2. I need an invoice

If you require an invoice, please contact organizer@aicon.id, with “AICON Invoice Request” in the subject, stating the amount, your name, and submission reference number if applicable, and we will provide you with an invoice.